Make-up tips for beginners

Many women are still scared of wearing make – up because they think it won’t suit them and others find it complicated. Let us take you on a beginner’s journey of make – up.

Before you begin applying or using makeup, you must prepare your face. Make sure your face is clean; wash your face with cleanser and then moisturize. Note, when your face is prepared your make will sit properly and evenly on your skin.  Also, your cleanser and moisturize must be suitable for your skin type. If you do not know your skin type, we advise you to visit a dermatologist near you. Products that are not for your skin can break and damage your skin hence it is crucial to know your type.  

Now that you know how to prep your skin. Which basic make–up products you need?


Premier is your base. Once you have moisturized your skin, you will apply your primer. The primer gives your skin a smooth appearance, the make-up will last longer and even out your skin tone. Again, you will need to know your skin type to choose a suitable primer.


Many women get this one wrong, choosing the wrong foundation shade. Why? Because they never ask for assistance when purchasing the foundation. Before purchasing a bottle of foundation, you must visit the make – up section bare face to be matched with your correct shade. Correct foundation shade is so important because it set how your entire face will look. If you choose the wrong it is going to oxidize and you end up looking orange the entire day. #3 CONCEALER

The magic behind covering dark marks, spots, color corrections, dark circles, blemishes, and large pores. HD concealer and airbrush must be your best friend for that flawless look. When it comes to choosing a shade for concealer, it must be two shades lighter than your skin. And when you want to use concealer for that 10 minutes face job(contouring) choose a shade that is two shades darker.


To keep your make–up in place and reduce shine, you are going to need a face powder. With the face powder, you need t also be mindful of the shades. You need to purchase a shade that matches your skin tone.


There are two types of liners, pencil and liquid liner. Using a liner can be challenging when you just starting but it does get better with time. For a beginner, a simple eyeliner look is what you must go for. Never use pencil liner for a wing and only use liquid eyeliner to get that defined line. Also, never use liquid eyeliner for your lower lid.


Lipsticks, one thing that always brings out that personality. With just a lipstick color, you can tell her personality. With lipsticks, you can play around with colors as much as you like.  Note; lipsticks can dry your lips and chip them. Make sure you use a scrub for your lips and lip balm before applying lipstick.


First things first, you DON'T need 100 brushes when you are just starting with make – up. Only make – up artists need that much. For a beginner you need plus-minus 6 brushes, namely:

  • Foundation brush
  • Powder brush
  • Contour brush
  • Eye shadow brush
  • Angle brush (for that 2 min nose job)
  • Beauty blender (Sponge)

We do not want to overload you with information, next time we will discuss beyond the beginner's phase. Remember make – up is meant to enhance your beauty and not change the way you look.  To purchase items which were mentioned on this blog visit our make – up page  or for queries email